We are excited to introduce you to the fascinating world of equine stretch therapy.
As you read through this page we hope you will come to understand how much you can change and maintain your horse's physical and emotional condition.

Hawaiian Pony Rubs is based on the Big Island of Hawaii.
 Providing clients with a range of stretches guaranteed to keep their horses and themselves fit, flexible, sound and happy. 
We offer everything from equine stretch therapy with, equine sport massage, acupressure, myofacsial release, ortho-bionomy, Bemer (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) 
and hot rock therapy.
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The equine is the only athlete in the world that often goes to work without being stretched before a workout. 

How often do we see a warm up go like this. Groom the horse quickly because we are in a hurry, tack up, walk to the arena, get on, walk for a few minutes, trot, canter and then consider the horse warmed up and ready to perform!! Really!!! How about a warm up!! Stretching relaxes the muscular system and there fore increases flexibility. Stretching  transports oxygen to sore muscles and quickly removes toxins so recovery is faster and your ride will be so much better. Stretching works as a deep  massage therapy technique as it  activates muscle fibers during the stretch allowing transportation of toxins out of the muscles quicker. Other benefits of stretch therapy include improved flexibility, disposition, stamina, greater range of motion and reduces strain on tendons and ligaments. Massage therapy is not only beneficial for rehabilitation following an injury it also prevents injuries from occurring in the first place.

It is very important to have an idea of the horse anatomy before you begin stretching. It is equally important that your posture is balanced when you do the stretches with your horse so you do not injure yourself. With some practice, you can stretch your horse benefiting both of your bodies. Learning the insertions and origins of muscles and the importance of Ligaments and Tendons in motion can help you understand which stretches to use and how often. Make sure the muscles are warm from movement or grooming before you stretch. Look for my book that shows you how to stretch yourself and your horse in the same session in a short amount of time!

 Studying the conformation of the horse you are working on will also give you a guide to the stretches that will benefit an individual animal. A general knowledge of movement, balanced hooves, along with saddle fitting and good dental work will help to make sure that the animal you work on is capable of  performing the movements we ask from him or her to their absolute optimum.

Introductory Stretches for horse and rider is a book that explains  and teaches you stretches that will keep your horse and yourself fit and healthy. 
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